Secure Your Digital Supply Chain

IP must be secured throughout the entire process, and our end-to-end digital manufacturing solution begins with Identify3D Protect.

Identify3D Protect enables industrial designers and manufacturing engineers to encrypt designs and couple them with immutable business and production rules.

These designs can be developed with updates and changes being made within teams. Rules of production can be added along with other specifications unique to the original design. Once all aspects of the design are finalized, the files are securely encrypted and business and production usage rules are created.


  • Create a secure encrypted container or Digital Supply Item (DSI) for design and manufacturing files
  • Digitally sign design and manufacturing files to protect integrity
  • Assign business rules within designs such as quantities, timing, authorized manufacturer
  • Assign manufacturing rules for machine type, build parameters, material choice, and production workflows
  • Works as standalone or integrates with CAD/CAM, PLM systems and digital part platforms


See how Identify3D can enable you to enjoy all the advantages of digital manufacturing.

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