Who we are

Identify3D was born in beautiful San Francisco in 2014. We are excited to see the Digital Manufacturing Industry exploding in its growth and breadth of applications. With this growth we saw the need to better protect companies’ unique designs and Digital Manufacturing assets. From this need Identify3D was born. We help protect the intellectual property of the original design from unauthorized distribution, transformation, replication, and production. We also help the design retain its original quality by coupling production standards and manufacturing rules (machine, consumable, key set-up parameters) to the design that must be authorized and authenticated before production can occur. Lastly, we give companies the ability to have Digital Manufacturing give them actionable feedback through our in-depth analytics.





Meet our team

We are comprised of seasoned startup and industry experts seeking to help continue the growth and revolution that Digital Manufacturing is creating. Our experience in the technologies that drive our product is broad and in-depth. Feel free to reach out to any of us through our profiles.


Joe Inkenbrandt
Co-Founder & CEO
Engineer with 20 years of experience in HW & SW engineering, protocol security, and IP licensing. Worked at Rambus, Cryptography Research, AMD, and Sun Microsystems. BS in Computer Engineering (Purdue U.) and MBA (UC Berkeley).
Stephan Thomas
Co-Founder & Sales and Strategy
Management executive with 25+ years of experience in Operations, Supply Chain, M&A, and Restructuring with EY, A&M, and REL Consultancy. Previously co-founder of a software financing startup. BS in Management (Parix IX) and MBA (Baruch, CUNY). Board member of Mekong Capital and 3D4pro, an AM consulting firm.
Chris Adkins
Chief Security Architect
Engineer with extensive experience in developing security solutions to protect the privacy and integrity of HW & SW embedded systems to cloud solutions. Worked at NSA, Infinite Horizon, and Lexmark. Holds forty US patents, BS & MS in Electrical Engineering (U of Kentucky).
Bruce Bernstein
VP of Engineering
Senior engineering leader with over a dozen patents in industrial engineering and computer security. Formerly Engineering VP at Covia Labs leading design in secure device communication. Lead engineer at GE Corporate R&D and led a supply chain manufacturing information design project sponsored by DARPA. Holds BS and Master's degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Rod Schultz
Product Development
Software engineer with 15 years of experience designing protocols and security for wide-area networking, mobile IP, and data protection. Specializes in product creation in untrusted environments. Worked at Apple (an early member of the FairPlay team, the DRM used to protect music and video), Cisco, and Adobe. BS in Applied Computer Science (U of North Carolina). Holds five patents.
Adam Powers
Lead engineer with 20 years experience in communication, security, and media and entertainment, including SW & HW engineering, innovation management, M&A, and systems architecture. Previously worked at Rambus, Rovi, and Intel as well as co-founding Coaxsys, and three successfully acquired startups: Telocity, Nuron, and Mediabolic.
Tim Rose
Business Development
Business development executive with 10+ years of sales, operations, and data analytics experience. Worked at Digital Foundry, Gilardi & Co., and co-founded 2 startups in the technology and nonprofit sectors. BS from U of Oregon & MBA from U of San Francisco.