Facilitate Secure Digital Distribution

Identify3D Manage enables the distribution and tracking of DSI as they move through the digital supply chain. Once the CAD/CAM part design is finalized and secured by Identify3D Protect, the DSI is sent to a digital warehouse to await orders. When an order comes through, Identify3D Manage facilitates secure and accountable digital distribution. Manage controls the distribution for the specified part and authorizes only those users and machines that meet the specific criteria defined in Protect.

The DSI is then authorized and sent for production and it will have its unique design rules enforced by Identify3D Enforce.


  • License DSI downstream to manufacturers and suppliers
  • Securely license DSI for the factory floor
  • Update existing licenses with manufacturing policy information
  • Works as standalone or integrates with ERP, PLM systems and digital part platforms
  • Can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud


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