We Streamline Your Digital Supply Chain


Distribution and tracking of files for digital manufacturing will replace physical logistics, and our end-to-end digital manufacturing solution’s second integral piece is Identify3D Manage.

Once the CAD/CAM part design is finalized and secured by Identify3D Protect, it is sent to secure storage to await orders. When an order comes through, Identify3D Manage facilitates secure and accountable digital distribution. Manage controls your distribution for your specified part and authorizes only those users that meet specific criteria that the designer of the part has coupled with the design in the production rules.

The part is then authorized and sent for production and it will have its unique design rules enforced by Identify3D Enforce.


Enforce Specifications for 3D Printing securely with

Identify 3D EnforceIdentify 3D Enforce



We will walk you through our Digital Manufacturing Solution and show you how to protect your Digital Supply Chain.