The Problem

Manufacturing industries have expressed concerns associated with the loss of control over the digitization of their assets as they expand their adoption of digital manufacturing.

The Identify3D Solution

We are creating a solution for industrial designers to assign rules and parameters within their designs, protect them, and ensure that parts are produced to specifications (e.g. materials and machine used, speed, temperature, resolution, etc.). Additionally, users are able to receive secure feedback from the manufacturing process.

We Protect Your Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem

Identify3D is a software company that provides design protection, quality assurance, and secure data analytics for digital manufacturing. We enable encryption of designs, couple them with enforceable business and production rules, facilitate secure digital distribution, and provide production integrity all the way to the manufacturing device.


Identify 3D Protect 

Designers create the CAD/CAM designs needed for their additive manufacturing part. Identify3D Protect enables the CAD designers (individual or enterprise) to encrypt designs and couple them with business and production rules.


Identify 3D Manage

Once the part design is finalized, it is then sent to secure storage to await orders. When an order comes through Identify3D Manage facilitates secure and accountable digital distribution. The part is authorized and sent for production. 

Manage 3D Printing

Identify 3D Enforce

Once the design is received to print and produce Identify3D Enforce provides integrity and security through controller, device and consumable authentication. The part is printed according to the specifications in the original design and feedback with analytics of its creation are sent to the owner. 


ID3D Authenticate 3D Printer



We will walk you through our Additive Manufacturing Solution and show you how to protect your Digital Supply Chain.