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Join us for this webinar when we sit down with Joe Inkenbrandt from Identify3D and Alexandre Pedemonte from Vistory to learn how to protect your smart factory floor from data leaks and connectivity risks. Security boundaries. Data Integrity/Protection. Register for this event at
Drop by our booth and let us demonstrate how we can protect your AM data, ensure manufacturing repeatability, and provide auditability and authenticity throughout the digital supply chain. Our solution is highly adaptable and seamlessly integrates with you ecosystem tools, manufacturing processes, and adapts to your IT infrastructure and security requirements. Join us Read More
Identify3d software provides security, consistency, and accountability for the digital thread. The software protects intellectual property, contractual obligations, ensures repeatability, and traceability throughout the digital to physical manufacturing process. Our ability to secure the digital designs from creation through collaboration and to actual production of the part is key to the Read More
Industry 4.0 requires new awareness and solutions to solve critical issues. IP Protection. Repeatability. Traceability. Raw material integrity. Digital and physical supply chains are merging. “Identify3D’s product suite encrypts, distributes, and traces the digital flow of parts, preventing counterfeits and ensuring that maliciously modified, substandard, or uncertified parts Read More
3Yourmind hosted a panel on their FRIDAY TALK SHOW (26 March 2021) discussing secure distributed additive manufacturing. Our CEO, Joe Inkenbrandt, joined two other industry representatives, discussing considerations, challenges, and approaches around secure distributed additive manufacturing.  This session was on 26 March.  Missed it?  Don't worry 3YOURMIND has made the video of this event available Read More
Joint Additive Manufacturing Model Exchange (JAMMEX) significantly simplifies the process of sharing digital AM designs for DoD and military services personnel and increases the timely production of critical Additive Manufacturing (AM) parts to support mission needs. National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) recognized the NCDMM and its partners in three award categories. Read More
What is ADDITIV Aerospace? A virtual event that brings the AM community and the Aerospace sector together.  Join Identify3d and many other partners in the additive manufacturing environment to discuss a wide variety of topics pertaining to Aerospace and additive manufacturing. Attend the sessions and stop by our virtual table (table Read More
3D Systems will work with Raytheon Technologies, the Penn State Applied Research Lab, Johns Hopkins University, and Identify3D to optimize a component relative to an army modernization product, in order to maximize cooling and improve overall system performance. This is part of the Advanced Manufacturing, Materials, and Processes (AMMP) program. Read More