With Identify3D, manufacturers gain data security, usage control, and traceability along digital supply chains

Updated suite of applications provides standardized, secure communication paths to ensure repeatability and traceability in digital manufacturing; Identify3D expands network of software and hardware partnerships

Attendees at this year’s Rapid+TCT digital manufacturing conference can preview the latest software solution for securely enabling the digital thread. At booth #1459, Identify3Dis debuting the latest release of its suite of software solutions that equip manufacturers to confidently embrace decentralized manufacturing models.

The latest Identify3D suite integrates intellectual property protection, manufacturing repeatability, and traceability into a comprehensive solution that counters the constantly evolving security threats faced by manufacturers throughout the digital manufacturing process. Identify3D’s Protect™ application enables industrial designers to create a secure container that encrypts manufacturing build files and couples them with business and production licensing rules. Identify3D Manage™ facilitates secure and accountable digital distribution of these assets, while Identify3D Enforce™ authenticates and decrypts the secure container and enforces the business and production rules during manufacturing.

“With this update, we’re making it even easier for manufacturers to integrate standardization and protection into their digital workflow—across different countries and in conjunction with a wide variety of design and manufacturing systems,” said Joe Inkenbrandt, co-founder and CEO of Identify3D.

Enhancements included in the Identify3D Spring 2019 release include:

1.    Identify3D Protect™ now includes a cloud-based encryption service (as an alternative to the existing standalone desktop application) for more flexibility and faster integration with other workflows.

2.    Identify3D Manage™ includes new authorization control via Auth0 for single sign-on support and the ability to access controls defined by system roles and privileges.

3.    Identify3D Enforce™ now leverages the cloud-based Gemalto SafeNet Data Protection On Demand, eToken and includes Intel® SGX support for enhanced security.

4.    To support global supply chains, Identify3D Manage™ now offers multi-language support.

Identify3D expands its presence at Rapid+TCT 2019

This year, Identify3D will be participating at the RAPID + TCT conference in several capacities, all with a focus on helping manufacturers confidently implement a standards-based secure digital manufacturing process flow from engineering studio to production and beyond. In addition to its presence at booth #1459, Identify3D is showcasing various industry partnerships: 

  • Partner presence — SLM Solutions booth #1003. Identify3D software integrates smoothly with SLM Solutions’ current workflows and offers a new level of control and security. Manufacturers can implement different strategies to limit the number of times a part can be printed, set an expiration date on the design, target specific machines, constrain parameters, and automatically delete files from machines after a build. Validity checks allow an audit trail from design to production.
  • Partner presence — Renishaw booth #827. Identify3D is announcing an expanded partnership with Renishaw that enables manufacturers to distribute the production of spare parts, moving machines closer to the point and time of use, rather than transporting and storing a part across long distances. Following successful pilot projects, Identify3D’s software solution can now be implemented with Renishaw AM machines using a secure data package that defines the machine parameters so that a part can be manufactured repeatably according to initial certification, independent of location and time.
  • Partner focus — Siemens PLM booth #1403. Identify3D continues to expand its partnership with Siemens through its integration into several PLM products. In addition, on May 23 at 10:15 a.m., Identify3D and Siemens Gas and Power will present “Secure Distributed Spare Parts Production for Power Generation” as part of the event’s Expeditionary/ Distributed Manufacturing track.

About Identify3D 
Identify3D Inc. de-risks digital manufacturing with a suite of solutions that protects the confidentiality and integrity of data throughout the digital manufacturing thread. Identify3D provides intellectual property protection, manufacturing repeatability and traceability — from initial design through to finished product. Identify3D delivers greater control over the digital manufacturing process and ensures both the integrity and authenticity of digital information across complex supply chains. The company is privately held and based in San Francisco. For more information, visit http://www.identify3d.com.