Siemens names Identify3D a solution partner

2/12/19 – Protecting integrity of the digital supply chain enables monitoring/lockout of a part program, protecting manufacturer’s IP and ensuring production quality.

Siemens introduces its newest solution partner, Identify3D, based in San Francisco, California, with offices in Lexington, Kentucky. Identify3D is unique to the Siemens team, as they enable a secure digital supply chain through data protection, manufacturing repeatability, and traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

With the Identify3D system, industrial designers are able to protect their design data, assign enforceable business and manufacturing rules, and facilitate secure digital data distribution. Production integrity, from the design stage through actual output, is ensured so that all parts produced are made to specification and within an allowable quantity. This last point is controlled through the CNC on the machine tool, for example, preventing a part program from being used in excess of x-parts produced. This service represents a significant element in IP protection, especially on proprietary parts.

This combination of IP protection, manufacturing repeatability, and part traceability can form the basis of a systematic part monitoring at a manufacturing company or design enterprise working with outside and offshore supply chain partners.

The following illustrates the Identify3D value proposition:

  • Part design encryption with Identify3D Protect integrated into Siemens NX or Teamcenter, the common source for BOM information across a customer’s organization
  • Encrypted design stored in Teamcenter
  • Encrypted design licensed via Identify3D Manage with a set of business and manufacturing policies to a specific Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl on a CNC machine
  • Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter pulls encrypted design from Teamcenter and places it onto the CNC
  • Design decrypted for manufacturing by Identify3D Enforce running on the CNC
  • All transactions logged to Identify3D Trace for specific part traceability
  • Solution can be used point-to-point or, optionally, all transactions can be placed on a blockchain

Edited by Elizabeth Engler ModicSoftware/IoT/Apps

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