Proud to be one of the initial partners in the latest Stratasys SDK partnership program!

The new program enables integration of Stratasys 3D printers in production environments with the factory floor via the GrabCAD® Software Development Kit (SDK) in order to establish two-way connectivity between Stratasys FDM® 3D printers and enterprise software applications, such as the Identify3D technology suite which provide security, usage control, and traceability of design and manufacturing data across the digital supply chain.

Ultimately, the program gives customers the power to integrate, manage, and support additive manufacturing for production of end-use parts.

The technology enables Stratasys customers to protect their most valuable digital assets, enforce production rules, and provide traceability in the digital supply chain at the industry’s highest standard.

“This partnership is critical in order for the data flow to be secured and enforced all the way to an end point such as Stratasys machines” said Daniel Moore, Director of Product Development at Identify3D. “We are pleased that Stratasys, the leader in FDM technology, has selected Identify3D as one of its earliest  partners to provide such a solution to the market place — from design to production.”

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