Manufacturing Security

May 25, 2017 – by Susan Baniak

As digital manufacturing moves swiftly toward the mainstream, the technology is opening new possibilities for industrial companies looking to create small quantities of highly specialized parts, or even individually customizable designs, wherever and whenever they are needed, across the globe.

But it also exposes a company’s virtual assets to a world of potential hackers bent on stealing and sabotaging their digital information. One tiny but virtually undetectable flaw inserted into a design file could lead to the production of weak or faulty parts, with possibly devastating results.

Identify3D, a tech start-up with offices in Lexington and San Francisco, is working to help companies protect those digital assets as they venture out from behind the safety of a company’s firewall and onto the global manufacturing scene.

“Large manufacturing companies are starting to realize that they need a system to protect their information,” said Stephan Thomas, co-founder and head of business development for Identify3D. “They need to make sure when they send that data, that whoever is going to produce that part is going to do it only according to the specifications that they define.”

The company creates encryption software for use with both the newer additive industrial 3D printers and also the industry’s more mature market of subtractive CNC machines. The software is designed to provide customers with not only cybersecurity but also quality assurance and secure data feedback through every step of the digital manufacturing process.

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