Identify3D presents on formnext secure digital proof of concept in production

November 14, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO – ( BUSINESS WIRE ) – At formnext , Identify3D , a leading provider of digital supply chain software, will present a Proof of Concept (PoC) for secure end-to-end digital production processes. Data protection is becoming increasingly important as 3D printers move into industrial manufacturing environments. As a result, companies are looking for solutions to protect their intellectual property and assets. Identify3D has launched a joint initiative in the AM industry to build privacy for the entire additive manufacturing process.

“We have identified the importance of maximum data security in all stages of the additive manufacturing process”

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This initiative allows users to: For example, industrial designers can encrypt design files and transfer them with access control and authorization. At formnext, Identify3D, in collaboration with Materialize , presents a PoC that enables the secure integration of intellectual property into the additive manufacturing process. This enables sectors such as aerospace, automotive, defense and healthcare to use additive manufacturing in a safe production environment.

“We have identified the importance of maximum data security across all stages of the additive manufacturing process,” said Joe Inkenbrandt, Identify3D’s Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to working with a major player in the AM industry to provide sample protection and production integrity across the entire digital production cycle.”

“The way that highly regulated industries, such as aerospace or healthcare, have embraced additive manufacturing technology as an opportunity to optimize their manufacturing processes, faces new challenges such as data authenticity and integrity.” says Stefaan Motte, Vice President Software at Materialize. “Working with Identify3D, we’re exploring new ways to provide our customers with such enhanced security features.”

Identify3D will be demonstrating this PoC in these locations during live presentations at the following times:

Identify 3D Stand 3.1 – A37

Materialize Stand 3.0 – C48

November 14, 15:00 GMT

November 17, 10:00 GMT

About Identify3D

Identify3D is a leading provider of software for the digital supply chain. We give companies the belief that their intellectual property, processes and products are both safe and in compliance with proven technical standards. Identify3D provides manufacturing reproducibility and traceability along the entire digital supply chain, providing quality assurance from design to final product. We provide greater control over the digital manufacturing process and ensure the security and integrity of intellectual property in the digital value-added environment. Finally, Identify3D helps engineers make better decisions and deepen innovation through in-depth analysis and reporting.

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