3D Printed Parts for Trains

Germany’s Deutsche Bahn Planning to 3D-Print Parts for Trains

4/26/2016 (3DPrintingIndustry) German national rail giant Deutsche Bahn is making plans to 3D print spare parts for its vast army of trains in the future. Deutsche Bahn is looking to form partnerships between the established masters of 3D printing and a series of start-ups. A series of big names have have already signed up for the initiative, including technology giant Siemens and EOS, one of Germany’s biggest manufacturers of 3D printers. There are issues to address–such as a lack of CAD data for some of the trains that are more than 40 years old. This means the parts must be scanned and then replicated, rather than simply printed from existing plans.
3D printing for the rail industry goes beyond the simple cost and efficiency savings on offer from a network of printers around the country producing consumables and replacement parts on demand. While DB will focus on metal parts to begin with, it wants to investigate the potential of replacing metal with more durable plastics at some point and 3D printing is the ideal way to develop prototypes in a cost-effective manner.Inside 3D PrintingInside 3D Printing

Source: Germany’s Deutsche Bahn Planning to 3D-Print Parts for Trains

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