Check out our new branding and website!

5/9/19 – Spring is in the air, here in San Francisco. Blossom has appeared on neighborhood trees, and green shoots signaling new leaf growth are pushing through. But something else is also new… perhaps you’ve noticed that our website has also undergone a metamorphosis? Yes indeed! We’re delighted to announce our new branding and completely redesigned website. I thought you might like a quick tour.

But first let’s start with our new branding. As a relatively young company, we’ve been evolving fast, and our logo has struggled to keep pace. Back when we designed it in 2014, we were laser-focused on protecting IP. Hence… the shield. And, because 3D printing was catching on, we added that to the shield.

It’s been a trusty logo over the past five years, but it has
not kept pace with the dramatic shift we’ve all seen towards distributed
manufacturing. Protecting valuable manufacturing data has become even more
important — and that is still very much a part of our value proposition. At the
same time, the scope of our focus has been expanded to keep pace with the
evolution and widespread adoption of additive manufacturing and the emergence
of the digital thread concept.

Introducing… our new branding!

Our new logo is a more modern interpretation of the notion
of IP protection, but now introduces a new concept: integrity. The shield
represents protection, trust, and reliability. The ‘i’ letterform is the first
initial of our name and stands for the essence of our brand—enabling data
integrity in digital manufacturing. Our branding team also told us that the
upward angle of the ‘i’ within the shield suggests leadership, innovation, and
forward movement. Well, we like that! Together, the new logo conveys a balance
of protection and innovation.

We’ve also refreshed our look with a proprietary logotype that is both current and enduring, reflecting the attributes of professionalism, modernism, and elegance. It’s certainly a lot easier on the eyes and makes the old logotype seem a wee bit clunky, by comparison. You’ll see this new branding extended across the product suite. Along with the branding, we’ve updated the website to improve navigation and to make it easier to read on phones and tablets. You’ll also start to see the use of graphics that combine wireframes (representing the design phase) with fully rendered images (manufactured parts) to signify how Identify3D protects confidentiality and product integrity from design through production, across several industry sectors.