The First 3D Printed Drug Hits the Market

Aprecia Pharmaceuticals made headlines with the announcement of the FDA’s approval of their medication Spritam, making the medicine the first 3D printed pharmaceutical to be approved by the FDA.  Since then, there have been numerous 3D printed implants and materials to be deemed acceptable by the FDA for use in the medical industry, but no ..

Spanish Man Receives 3D-Printed Ribcage

Medicine is one of the most exciting applications for 3D printing.  The idea that we can create custom braces, grafts, limb replacements and more that are uniquely shaped to help each individual to overcome whatever ails them is very exciting indeed.  The newest contender for most impressive use of 3D printing is the titanium ribcage. ..

3D-Printing Helps Young Girl Breathe Easier

The last few stories we’ve had about the progress being made in medicine with 3D-printing have been work undertaken in China.  This week, something a little closer to home- a girl from Northern Ireland has recently undergone surgery that was made safer and easier with the help of 3D-printing. Six-year-old Katie Parke has a condition ..