Spanish Man Receives 3D-Printed Ribcage

Medicine is one of the most exciting applications for 3D printing.  The idea that we can create custom braces, grafts, limb replacements and more that are uniquely shaped to help each individual to overcome whatever ails them is very exciting indeed.  The newest contender for most impressive use of 3D printing is the titanium ribcage. ..

3D Printing of Levitating Objects Patented by Boeing

Already known adopting 3D printing in various respects, aircraft manufacturer Boeing is driving 3D printing innovation further by patenting a new 3D printing technology that actuallyprints objects while they are floating in midair. That’s right; this newly patented technique is meant to 3D print objects while that particular object is simultaneously levitating […] Read More ..

3D Printing Brings New Opportunities and New Challenges to the Oil & Gas Industry

With increasing adoption of 3D printing, intellectual property issues will undoubtedly loom large in the future. O&G, as well as oilfield service, companies must enable intellectual property protection, especially within the engineering domains. CIOs and other IT leaders will need to address issues such as preventing intellectual property theft and counterfeiting, ensuring the durability and high performance of 3D-printed parts and enabling collaboration and involvement of enterprise ..

Impact of 3D Printing for the Oil and Gas Industry
Concerns over intellectual property confidentiality and security, especially within the engineering domains, remain a drag on 3D printing’s progress. O&G companies, like other users of 3D designs, need to manage the intellectual property issues associated with 3D printing with great care. They are entering uncharted territory when it comes to intellectual property and design risks. Licensing and manufacturing stipulations for legally and safely reproducing parts using 3D printing are i …